110 birthday party at cubbington mill care home

A wonderful celebration for John Farringdon at Cubbington Mill Care Home.

John is the oldest man in Warwickshire!  He was born on 7th June 1913 in Enfield. 

Aged 16 got a job in Upper Thames Street, London as an apprentice repairing typewriters,

He travelled all over London repairing typewriters ultimately getting a job at Ford in Dagenham, Essex 1934-1942 as a resident typewriter mechanic.

In 1942 Ford offered John a job in Leamington Spa making tank tracker assistance for the army, so John moved to Leamington in 1942 and continued to work at Ford Motor Company for 40 years before coming to Cubbington Mill, where he is enjoying a new chapter of his life. 

  • Date 07/06/2023
  • Time 14:00 to 15:00
  • Duration 1 Day