The office of High Sheriff is one of only two royal appointments in the county and has been extant since Saxon times. Historically, the Sheriff was responsible for raising troops, collecting taxes and catching criminals, all of which powers have over time been taken on by others. It is now a non-political, voluntary appointment for one year, still representing Law and Order in the county with an increased role in promoting voluntary work in the community

At a formal Inauguration on Maundy Thursday 6th  April 2023, Sophie Hilleary became Warwickshire’s 689th High Sheriff and will serve the County for the 2023/24 Shrieval year.

The ancient ceremony was held to transfer the title of High Sheriff from David Kelham Esquire to Sophie Hilleary in the former Courthouse at The Old Shire Hall in Warwick.

Speaking of her appointment to the office of High Sheriff, Sophie said:

I was beyond surprised and massively honoured to have been asked to serve our community in this ancient but important role. I look forward to carrying out my legal and ceremonial duties and supporting the High Sheriff’s charity, Crimebeat, which does so much with young people to help them reduce crime in our community.”

“With my experience in community health, I am also keen to bring added focus onto our local health services and the extensive voluntary activity that we all benefit from so much in our county.”